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Trope Bingo

Hooray I got my [community profile] trope_bingo  card :D I have no idea what row/column/diagonal I'll do yet though. There's a few that intrigue me, but I'll see if any plot bunnies jump out at me. I need to start writing soon because once tafe goes back I probably won't have much time to write, and lesson prepping etc isn't that conducive to creative writing :/ Anyway, I'm looking forward to giving this a go! Let's hope my mojo doesn't fail me!

soul bonding / soulmates au: other au: coffee shop sex pollen fake relationship
holiday game night in vino veritas / drunkfic de-aged slavefic
sharing a bed forced to marry FREE

au: circus animal transformation
au: historical curtainfic immortality / reincarnation au: steampunk rivals to lovers
au: space au: were / vamp / supernatural virginfic / secretly a virgin alpha / beta / omega food porn

Also, lol I haven't posted in like, forever, so happy new year, everyone! 

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Fanfic Meme

Stole this meme from ozqueen, whom stole it from meinterrupted

1.) List all the fandoms you have written in:

Haha, yeah I only write for one fandom, damw. So this is gonna be a short list!
  • Captain Planet. 
2.) How many published fics have you written?

According to ffn, 14 fics. Wow, I have written jack shit in like 2 years or so...

3.) In terms of wordcount, in which fandom have you written the most?

Uh, see 1.

4.) At the moment, which one of your fics is your favorite/you are the most proud of? (you can include unpublished fics)

Hmmm... This is really hard to answer. There's a couple I am really proud of/really like because of different reasons. 

Heavy In Your Arms is probably one I still really like. This was written for ozqueen for her fandom_stocking last year. Idk, I think it's one where the idea just hit me one day as I was driving to work, and then it totally wrote itself. It's nothing particularly special, but I think it's a nice glimpse into a more serious Wheeler, or something. Plus it's slightly Gi/Wheeler which I think is kind of refreshing. 

I kind of still really enjoy Stuck. It's light and humorous, and sometimes I wish we had more of that in the fandom. Just to balance out all of the angst and massive amounts of fluff/sap. Again, it's nothing overly special - it's just a gen fic - but I'm kinda proud of the fact that it reads sort of like an episode? I'm always trying to keep the characters IC because I cannot stand reading anything OOC unless it's justified. 

Oh man, I had almost forgotten about Restaurant! God, I still haven't finished it and it was meant to be a gift-fic for plunderer01 but I got stuck. Anyway, I'm immensely proud of what I've written so far. It's a bit different to my usual style, and I really enjoyed exploring Plunder and Blight's characters. I should really finish that some time. 

And lastly, I have to admit I'm kind of proud of Howl, which is a smut!fic I wrote lol. BUT, I think I did a good job of keeping it all believable, included even a bit of plot (omg!), and kept the characters IC. Plus, Linka/Wheeler smut. 

5.) Which writer (fanfiction or not) inspires your own work?

Within the fandom, I'm really inspired by ozqueen - her writing style omg. Just, everything about her writing - the way she creates the scene, it seems so effortless, but has so much impact. She inspires me to improve and to push myself. Another author,frankiealton has a brilliant way of creating backstories. I don't know how she does it, but god, just her EV fics are awesome. I think she has also helped me to push the envelope, and move out of my comfort zone to explore other characters. Some of the other authors that aren't so active anymore but I just adore their writing style are: Kaiame, catfic and Ren4 (all on ffn). Just the way they use words, and create visuals - stunning.

Outisde of fandom, I read a lot of fantasy novels, but I like to think I read good quality novels ;) I think one of my all time favourite authors would have to be Isobelle Carmody (and omg, I got to meet her eee! and lol I was in Linka cosplay at the time lmao). I don't know, I just really love her style and I've loved her since I was a teen. In that same vein would have to be Robin Hobb (whom I also met!!). The way these women build a scene and suck you in to their characters. I would love to be a fraction of the writer they are. Also, Scott Lynch who has some fantastic humour in his writing style while pushing beyond stereotypes to create fantastic, believable characters.

6.) What was your first fanfic about?

Lmao, god my first fanfic I wrote was when I was I think, 14? I can't remember exactly, but I was in Year 8, and it was a Captain Planet fic. And it probably had something to do with some ridiculous plot and Wheeler and Linka get trapped somewhere, or something equally ridiculous. I honestly can't remember exactly what it was about. And there were a few, so the vague memories blur into one - and they were PAGES long you guys. I literally would write fic in class when I should have been doing work. And then I'd write on the train and bus on my way home. But anyway, it's hard to remember back almost 20 years ago (D: jesus that makes me feel old). I so wish I had kept them - I went through all the old boxes in the hopes that I had kept them, but alas they were not to be found. God though, we seriously thought that Turner would actually buy our stories to use on the show XD I'm not even joking.

7.) Out of all the characters whose POV you have written, which one do you feel you identify the most with?

Oh this is easy! Wheeler of course! I'm similar to him in a lot of ways (though I'm not nearly as dense, so I would hope. Though I do have blonde days...). I'm short tempered, and usually react on emotion rather than logic when I'm fired up. I think I can get his humour down pretty well, though probably not as punny, or as quick as he is in the show. Idk, I definitely find Wheeler the easiest to write and I think I can get into his headspace the easiest. 

8.) What do you feel is your biggest challenge when writing?

Urgh, stop overthinking everything. I seriously nitpick over stupid inconsequential details. I have no idea why - I think I'm just so caught up in trying to convey what's in my head. When I find myself getting really bogged down I either try a few writing exercises, or skip to dialogue, then build the scene around the dialogue. I really get bogged down by the details and trying to make the scene read perfectly, and it's probably why I don't have very many fics :/ 

9.) Do you generally outline your fics or do you prefer to write spontaneously and then revise?

It really does depend. On multi-chap fics I usually scribble notes down of ideas and the vague direction I want it to take, particularly if it's overly complex or needs a bit of research. Mostly though, I kind of make it up as I go. I might have a rough plan in my head of where I want it to head, but seriously, I largely make it up as I go. And then edit the shit out of it, and pray it all ties in together. I'm really quite amazed at how details link together...

10.) Which one of your fanfics has the most hits? the most comments? the most kudos? (if applicable)

On ffn -
Most hits (based on number of visitors rather than number of views because some are multi-chap and some just one-shots): Hot. It was my first L/W smut!fic. It's not as graphic as Howl, and was one of my first fics published. 

Most comments: Soon We'll Be Found. It's my biggest multi-chap, and again, one of my first fics published. A close second is Out of My Mind, which is incomplete (lol oops) and doesn't have as many chapters. It's a body-swap fic, which is probably why it has a lot of reviews, idk. 

On AO3 -
Jesus Christ, I've not looked at AO3 in forever, and lmao it's pretty clear that Out of My Mind has the most number of hits compared to everything else. Like, by a pretty big margin. Weird. 

Most comments: tbh not many people leave comments - in my experience - on AO3. It looks like the most I got was 2 comments for Heavy In Your Arms, which was the fandom_stocking post for ozqueen

Most kudos: lol the most I have is 1 kudo, for several fics. 

11.) What proportion, if any, of your fics are rated M or above (# of M-plus fics/ total # of fics)?

haha yeah I either tend to write pretty heavy, or swear a lot. So a pretty decent proportion of my fics seem to be M or above. Let's see what the actual number is...

R: 4/14
M: 7/14
G/PG: 3/14

Lol yeah, I'm not surprised at all. 

12.) Finally, tease us with the title of one of your upcoming fics:

I'm currently working on an update to Right In Two. It's not exactly an 'upcoming' fic because I've already posted two chapters. But... I've got fics to update, so I'm avoiding starting anything new. How about a snippet to appease instead? (also, this is still in the process of editing/writing so will probably change but eh).
Wheeler stirred awake, disoriented and unable to move. It all came painfully back to him: their capture, the cell, and being used as a punching-bag in order to break Ma-Ti. He groaned, in both pain and realisation that this wasn’t just a horrible dream.

Hooray I made it to the end! Wow but I ramble! Uh sorry?
WTF is this shit

It's so hot's a good thing I don't drink milk

Ugh it's so hot and muggy in Melbourne and I want this cool change to hurry up and get here D: I hate the heat, and I especially hate humidity, and I have icky boob sweat and everything! I feel groooosss. On the upside, at least we have A/C and a ceiling fan because otherwise I'd die, seriously. I have to keep going out to check on the animals - especially the rabbits - and the poor puppies and bunnies look so hot and restless :( They've got lots of water and shade though, and I hose down the bunny cages and the shade cloth. I think we're in for a stinker of a summer though :/ It seems to alternate, with every other year being ridiculously hot. Last year was relatively mild, so there's a pretty good chance this year will be the bad year.We had an almost 40C day and it's not even officially Summer yet. Granted, it's only a few days away, but that's not the point. It's still Spring dammit! It was one of our hottest Spring days on record. Whoo...

I'm also still marking, so not particularily happy about that. Partly it's because I've been procrastinating, but also because those retarded students (the ones that colluded) are hopeless and yet, even after giving them a deadline I still have to give them more time *sigh*. I did enjoy a few days off from marking when uni finished last week, and played Uncharted and Uncharted 2 :D And Sunday we finished the main story for ACIII. Oh man, heavy ending for a Sunday afternoon ;_; 

Lol I'm watching Australia's Beauty and the Geek - I've only seen two eps, so it's not like I follow it or anything, but we met Cody at EBX (he's a friend of a friend, who mod the Zelda website). Oh man, this sounds really awful but...he is so socially awkward. What you see on tv is pretty much him, from the couple of days we spent with him. He's a nice guy, just...awkward. Lol Matt and I were like, "alright, well...we're gonna go look around, so we'll see you at dinner." And we walk off a few metres and turn around to look at something and he's right behind us O_o. We also met a guy that was on a previous season of BatG and he was totally hilarious and cool. I can't remember his name, but god he cracked me up. 

I've been really down about my weight. Since my leg op last year I've stacked it on. It's totally my own fault (that and bad genes), and I know I've been eating shit dinners and not exercising enough - especially now that I'm not playing soccer. I've never been as big as this, and I hate it. I've been trying to eat better, and haven't had chocolate or chips at all (chocolate is my vice omg). But I'm so self conscious and can't even stand to look at myself, or even let Matt see me. Not a day goes by that I don't think about it. I know I have to change my lifestyle if I want to lose weight, but idk, it's just not as easy as just eating healthy and going for a walk. I know I can lose weight, I've done it before, I just wish it wasn't so goddamn hard. I totally took being thin in highschool for granted. 

I'm also really stressed about finances. It looked like the work I was meant to get over December was going to fall through, but my coordinator managed to convince her boss they needed help. I've got 2 days a week for the next 3 weeks. It's the the original 3 days a week, but at least it's something. I started really freaking out last week when it looked like I wasn't getting work; there is no way I was going to find work for a month, and not on such short notice. I've got overdue bills (including my car rego D:) and with Christmas coming up, yeah I'm stressed. I got a bit overwhelmed last week, with work, with this marking bs, finances, and the fact that I did a really shit job on my exam - the one that I should have aced. I feel like I'm not doing anything wth my life, and I doubt my abilities as a good teacher. I feel like I kinda failed because of the fact that I'm a teacher - you know the saying, "those who can, do; those who can't, teach". I know how important teachers are, but Idk, I'm just feeling sorry for myself. 

OMG I JUST HAD A WHITETAIL CRAWL ON ME YOU GUYS. Not cool. I thought it was just a bug or something, but it was a motherfucking whitetail spider D:D: I flicked it across the room. Now I'm going to have to find it. I'm not scared of spiders, but venomous spiders are not ok - especially whitetails (i've already got a hole in my leg, I don't want more missing parts of my body thanks). Right, on that note, I'm going spider hunting.

Also wtf is up with the new LJ layout?
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Another rant post, just a pre-warning ;)

Ok, so I was ranting in my last post or so about how totally shite some of my students were? Yeah well today takes the cake. Marking assignments for Diploma students and I kid you not, 7 of those assignments were duplicates. They had changed some formatting around, but all of the content was exactly the fucking same. Another 3 students also submitted practically identical work. Like wtf? How in the hell did they expect to get away with that? I have never - and granted, I haven't been teaching all that long - ever had anything like this before. I've had the odd couple of students pull it, but nothing like the bs that this group have been doing this semester. And it's not just with me, it's also with other teachers in other units.

I left work at 7pm tonight because of this shit. Ironically on National Leave Work on Time Day. Pfft. I ended up hand-balling the problem to my coordinator to deal with because seriously, I don't get paid for this shit. I wrote her an email and left a note with all of the colluded assignments on her desk to deal with. Hopefully she actually follows up with an appropriate course of action, not just a 'you need to resubmit' because this is so far beyond that. I want to in all honesty fail these students. This is totally unacceptable.

What really pisses me off is that after today, I'm not being paid for teaching duties. My teaching semester is finished. And yet I still have shit to mark because of all of these set-backs. I'm probably going to have to come in on my day off next week - unpaid - to finish all of this. Not happy Jan!

Anyway, I have my final exams for uni this week. I should totally be studying right now, but tomorrow's exam I'm pretty set for - I've aced my way through the unit thus far - and after today my brain can't do much else. Friday's exam I'm not looking forward to so send me lots of brain-waves and luck guys! I'm comforting myself with watching The Avengers (while wearing my Cap America beanie :D). Early night tonight because I can't be late tomorrow!

Hope everyone is having a better week than I'm having! Take care of yourselves ♥


This time of year, guys, is seriously the worst. It's end of semester and I'm trying to get through all of my marking because results have to be in - plus, after this week I no longer get paid for teaching until semester starts next year. And I have some seriously fucking useless students that make this process even more horrific than it already is, or needs to be.

Last week I was in the worst goddamn mood, and I tell you, it did not give me much motivation to want to keep teaching. I was already totally stressed out because I also had my own uni assignments to do, and to have my students not give a flying fuck about due dates, or the fact they still had class, pushed me to my breaking point.  

A bunch of students blatantly plagiarised their work, as in copied and pasted - literally - slabs of text from the internet. Because apparently I'm just a dumb teacher who has no idea or something. It's like they're not even trying to cover up their attempts these days. 

What pushed me to my limit, though, was the attitude of my Co-ordinator. Now don't get me wrong, my coordinator is fantastic, they're all really supportive and helpful and actually go out of their way to help me - even offering me reception duties over the break, where I would otherwise be unemployed (and it is such a change from all the bullshit I dealt with at BHI). But, in her eyes, if they'd referenced the material it wasn't that bad. Even though the work was not their own. Like, even in the slightest. Now I'll admit, I'm a hard marker. But jfc, is it that much to ask for students to use their goddamn brains once in a while? In what learning institute is it acceptable to do this shit? At uni, it's not tolerated even in the slightest, and you can get kicked out. At the very least you'll fail the assignment. I have to allow my students to resubmit. The TAFE has policies - very clear policies, but they don't seem to be enforced. What is with this attitude that you can't fail a TAFE course? I just, I don't understand.

Then, to end my perfectly shitful day, I got a call to say that Loki had been impounded. Actually, I had a message, which I couldn't even fucking access because Vodafone is a piece of shit (I also lost my shit at them, and now have a 50% discount on my bill because reception, what fucking reception?) I had to pay $109 to get him out, and we'll probably get a fine too. Cause I can totally afford that right now... At least he was ok, but omg seriously Loki! (btw, Loki is my dog. In case you were wondering :P). Yeah everything went to shit last week and I was very happy to write it off.

On the upside, all my assignments for uni are done! My big advertising project, which is worth 50% of our mark, was seriously stressing me out, omg. I had no idea wtf I was doing, but I think I did ok? I also made my first ever gif! Go me! We had to develop an advertising campaign for a chosen charity across four different media. It was intense. Now I've only got two exams, which I think I'll be ok for and then I'm done for this year! 

I think I've rambled enough for one post. I guess it makes up for my lack of entries? lol. Sorry. Once semester finishes this week I should have more time for regular stuff, hooray :D I get my life back for 3 months! 
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I forgot to mention, I'm spending most of my time over on Tumblr. If anyone wants to follow you can find me at Of course, don't feel obligated ;) It's a mish-mash of everything really. Some game stuff, art and design, photography, whatever looks cool, as well as my own stuff on occasion (art, photography, cosplay). 
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(no subject)

Gosh, I haven't posted here in ages D: Sorry flisters! I haven't really got much interesting to say lol. We've been playing Assassin's Creed 3 mostly, and getting my owned in Multiplayer :/ We went to the midnight release at EB Games, and dressed up of course. We won a super giant poster for our efforts whoo! And then we got our big prize pack from Ubisoft the following day, which loads of cool goodies! 

Hmm, what else? It's coming to the end of semester and I have a massive pile of marking to wade through. I seriously loathe marking. I don't know if I'm going to keep teaching next year, but I'm not sure what I'll do instead. I don't really want to back into industry and with all the funding cuts happening all over the shop, I don't really know if there's work for me anyway :/ Uni is tracking along ok. I really, really hate Advertising. I don't really like my teacher; just don't really like her teaching style and her feedback is so unhelpful. I just want the unit to be over with, and while I want good marks, I'll just be happy with a pass in all honesty. The Semiotics unit I really enjoy and I'm kicking ass. I really need to do my Advert homework though, which I have been putting off urgh. 

This week marks the one year anniversary if Manky! It was this time last year when I was admitted to hospital and had a massive chunk cut out of my leg. Oh fun times. 

Oh yeah! Mum and I went and saw The Trocks on Saturday. These guys are awesome. Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo is basically a comedic all male ballet performance. But they are on pointe. I did ballet for over 20 years, and I hated pointe, and I'm not a heavy dude. It's hard work, it hurts and lot and these guys are phenomenal and hilarious. Best dying swan ever. If you ever have a chance to see them, do, even if ballet isn't your thing. It's basically a parody of ballet, but they do have skillz. 

I really haven't got anything else to say, so here, have a meme! Stolen from ozqueen.

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I'm mostly recovered after our trip up to Sydney for the EB Expo. Omg you guys, it was awesome! We didn't get to see everything but what we did see was very cool. I think the highlight, though, had to be the positive feedback from the Ubisoft Australia staff on our costumes! Seriously you guys, they loved us. And we love them for loving us and there's just love all round! Anyway, they were really fantastic and even posted on their website that our costumes were the faves

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Wow, I don't think I've ever written such a long journal entry before. Sorry you guys! But it was such an amazeballs weekend and thank you to all the wonderful comments and words of encouragement ♥ to you all!!
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(no subject)

So after my post last night I did manage to get my creative brief done, and a fair bit of research. I had class this morning and went through it with the teacher and so far so good! I still have lots to do, but I'm not feeling as stressed or as anxious as I was last night. And, it's not due next week, but the week after! Phew!

I had a horribly disgusting headache last night that I went to bed with. I didn't take anything for it, thinking it will just go away with sleep. I woke up this morning with a migraine :( I'm feeling much better now, but still feel ick in the stomach. At least I don't feel like my brain is trying to force its way through my eye-sockets. 

I'm really tired but I am determined to get most of my fic done for the cpfanfic Darkfic challenge today. We'll see how my brain cooperates. The Captain Planet fandom has been so dead of late :( There have been a few fics posted, but most of them are really terrible with the exception of the odd couple. I am itching to read some good fic! 
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(no subject)

I've been trying to figure out my creative brief for Advertising all day, and I think all I have suceeded in doing is give myself a headache, and confuse myself further. I am majorly freaking out over this project - which is due next week!! We have to develop an ad campaign for a chosen product, and I'm still stuck on the goddamn creative brief. I still have to finish the brief, and then develop like, 20 thumbnails for ad ideas across 3 forms of media. I'm about ready to cry, or throw in the towel. 

I feel totally overwhelmed and underprepared for this unit, and this project. I'm a first year in a class with second year Graphic students. I've come from a Science background, and while I'm not exactly stupid or incompetent - or incapable of developing creative ideas - I feel like I have been totally thrown into the deep end here. The unit is apparently the same for first year students, but I feel like I've missed out on some underlying fundamental tools and theories. Granted, some of my feelings are attributed to my insecurities, but shit, I don't think you can sit in a few classes and watch a couple of videos and know instinctively how to develop a creative brief and design an ad campaign. I'm struggling to determe my target audience ffs! We're told to research all of this stuff, but not equipped with the tools to enable us to do so. I can design this fantastic ad campaign that looks awesome and is visually appealing, but if it doesn't have a strong brief then I'm going to fail. And you know what's even better? We have to present our campaign and brief to the entire class. Awesome. 

I don't think I'm destined to work in Advertising. That doesn't really bother me at all, but the prospect of failing a unit in my first semester is making me feel ill. It'd be a confirmation of my fears, that I'm not good enough to be a Graphic Designer... 

I think I just need to suck it up and do the thing. Stop faffing around with details and just get shit down on paper so I can progress.